Eddie Bbira is reaching out to homeless children and directionless youths in the slums of Kampala city, using art as a 'magnet' to attract them off the streets, restore their dignity and help them find their place in mainstream society.
He meets with different groups of children and youths every week at his art studio located in Kibuli a city suburb of Kampala, children aged between 10years to youths of 25years old come to the studio for Art Therapy sessions, apprenticeships in silk screen printing, signwritting, wood carving, clay work and other areas of commercial arts.
Majority of the children and youths come for the fun of exploring the arts, as an alternative way to spend time and for social interactions.
This project started in 2001, Eddie Bbira graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University Kampala in 2000, he lived in a home for former homeless street children in Kampala. As a mentor/artist he realised the enormous influence he had in the transtional lives of these children.This project has now expanded to include over 30 children and youths who meet regulary for art activities at the studio.
This experience has been an opportunity for Bbira to explore the field of Art Therapy, in 2007 he attended a Foundation in Art Therapy course with the British Association of Art Therapists. He is building on this experience to offer a more professional service to these disadvantaged children.

Children working at the studio Silk screen printing Eddie chilling out with the kids Boys displaying their artworks